Agricultural Machinery

Combine Harvester Rubber Track for Agriculture Machinery BS450-90-60

Shanghai Puyi Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Type:Rubber Tracks
  • Usage:Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure, Harvester, Planting and Fertilization, Grain Threshing, Cleaning and Drying
  • Material:Rubber
  • Power Source:Gasoline
  • Weight:221kg
  • After-sales Service:Online Support

Base Info

  • Model NO.:BS450-90-60
  • Warranty:One Year Under Normal Use
  • Width:450mm
  • Pitch Length:90mm
  • Links:60
  • Total Length:5400mm
  • Weight for Rubber Tracks:221kg
  • Main Market:India
  • Transport Package:Bare Packing or Pallets
  • Specification:BS450x90x60
  • Trademark:No Marks or As Buyers′ Requests
  • Origin:Shanghai, China
  • HS Code:8431499900
  • Production Capacity:5000PCS,Month




I.G.B.O.G.B.(width*pitch)(mm)(mm) (width*pitch)(mm)(mm)150*72EBA,B2462 350*52.5BDC,D3890180*60EB/CFA,B2264 350*54.5BEE14092180*72EAA,B2268 350*56BFC,D3890180*72KAEE12266 350*56KB(R)AGE13888B180*72BMB2268 350*75.5YBHF38100200*72ECA,B2364 350*90HCB2678200*72KAEE12269 370*107YCEE13892230*101CCC2475 400*107YCEE13892230*48ABC2276 400*142KADE13094230*48KAGE12567 400*72.5KB(R)AAC,E150106230*72DBA,B2376 400*72.5KMAFC,E13893230*72KBME12366 400*72.5NBAC,D3895230*96CDC2676 400*72.5WAAC,D50108250*47AGD,E12470 400*72.5YMAGE13290250*48.5YBHE22466 400*75.5YMBHF40100250*52.5BCC,E2574 400*86HAB5094250*72DAA,B2478 400*90HCB2676250*72VSVB2476 400*90KBHCB3884260*109CCC,D3086 400*90RKBB3686260*55.5YBHE23082 420*100CFA,B5098260*96CCC2476 450*163KADE140120280*106YCEE12981 450*71ACC,D42115280*72DCA,B2678 450*76ADC,D47118300*109KCEE2686 450*81NADC,D40116300*109NCBC,D3078 450*81WADC,D60144300*109WCEC,D4094 450*81.5BND43110300*52.5KBCE13088 450*83.5KADC42114300*52.5NBCC,D3182 450*83.5YBKF40116300*52.5WBBC,D4294 B450*84HAB,E14298300*53BGE13288 B450*86CSCB5098300*55AAC,D3082 B450*86MBHAB5098300*55.5YBHE23082 T450*100MBHAE145104300*72DEB2578 T450*100CSCE145104320*100CFA,B3283 T450*100SBSBE145104320*106YCBE13082 450*90HBB3886320*54BFC,D3082 450*90HBB3685B320*84MBHAB47104 500*90KBB4798B320*86MBHAB4796 500*92ADE148126B320*86CSCB4796 600*100KBB45115T320*86CSCB3685 700*100KBB44118T320*86MBHAE13685 750*150KBB62176T320*86SBSBE13685 800*150KBB58148320*90HCB3690 381*101NMC****320*90HKAB3878 457*101NMC****


The feature of rubber tracks:


(1). Less round damage

Rubber tracks cause less damage to roads than steel tracks, and less rutting of soft ground than either steel tracks of wheel products.

(2). Low noise

A benefit to equipment operating in congested areas, rubber track products less noise than steel tracks.

(3). High speed

Rubber track permit machines to travel at a higher speed than steel tracks.

(4). Less vibration

Rubber tracks insulate machine and operator from vibration, extending the machine's lifetime and lowering operate fatigue.

(5). Low ground pressure

The ground pressure of rubber tracks equipped machinery can be fairly low, about 0.14-2.30 kg/ cmm , a major reason for its use on the wet and soft terrain .

(6). Superior traction

The added traction of rubber, track vehicles permits them to pull twice the load of wheel vehicles of the sane weight.