Agricultural Machinery

Rubber Track System 785mm*180mm*430mm for Agricultural Machine

Shanghai Puyi Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Type:Shovel
  • Usage:Agricultural Products Processing, Harvester
  • Material:Aluferl and Rubber and Macromolecule
  • Power Source:Gasoline
  • Length:785mm
  • Width:180mm

Base Info

  • Model NO.:XJY-180
  • Height:430mm
  • Net Weight:28.7kg
  • Load Bearing:200-300kg
  • Ground Contact Length:350mm
  • Sprocket Center Distance to The Ground:300mm
  • Warranty:12 Months Under Normal Use
  • Delivery Time:25 Days
  • Transport Package:Bare Packing or Wooden Pallets
  • Specification:XJY-180
  • Trademark:No Marks or As Buyer′s Requests
  • Origin:Shanghai, China(Mainland)
  • HS Code:8431499900
  • Production Capacity:1000PCS,Month


Packing:Simple/cardboard box/iron frameWidth:180mmHeight:430mm
 Material:Alufer /rubber/
macromoleculeNet Weight:28.7KG
 Ground Contact Length:350mmLoad bearing:200-300KGSprocket Center Distance to the Ground:300mmLinks for Rubber Track: Applicable Type of VehiclesHarvester, tractor, agricultural mahcineRemarks: One set is including single two assembly. 
The rubber track conversion system can be used for heavy machinery, such as: Large rice harvester(Lovol Ceres large-seizes harvester John Deal Claes Keith), Lovol agricultural tractors and other large loader,

Benefits: Can be applied to a variety of terrain, such as: Mountain, engineering machinery, mud, water etc...
The sinking problem of wheels can be solved, greatly improving the ability of obstacle surmounting, provide for your harvest is a convenient.

All-terrain SUV conversion system /rubber track vehicle/ 4x4 car rubber tracks
Installation Hub
Cast steel multi-bolt pattern hub (6 bolts pattern)
ATV / UTV conversion system kits work steadily in all terrain such as muds, sands and rocks, 
1pc of kit=1 pc rubber track + 1 pc steel drive sprocket + 5 pairs of road wheels. 
For installation, you can just take the vehicle tires off and replace with our track sets. 
Shipping Marks: TerRes-Q
Color: Orange
Connection plate data:
1 - 12mm
2 - 139,7mm (6x139,7 polt pattern adapter )
3 - 110mm
4 - 180mm (This information is just one of customers' supply)
Customer Notes: 
1, due to the Buyer before and after the installation is not anti-turn device, causing the product, damage to the vehicle,Seller shall not be liable.
2, install the product, greatly enhanced by the performance of the vehicle, but does not mean the vehicle can travel any road unconditional situation, there are still certain restrictions by. Specific conditions of use, please contact me OK. We will have to provide the material before and after the turn.

First, please take good care of our goods, like taking good care of your vehicle;
Second, the installation of this product, this is normal that response surface friction coefficient increases, there will be the vehicle is coasting distance plummeted;so the shift need to turn
after express speed to 3000 rpm, rapid shift.
Third, when you install the product driving off-road and complex road conditions, please first in 30 kilometers, traffic is a good location to ensure driving skilled and products running in.
Four, 100 kilometers exercise mileage, speed should not more than 30 km / h;
Five, after mounting assembly recommends a maximum speed of the vehicle is 50Km / h.
Six, in the 100 km run-in period, to be checked once every 10 kilometers tension, such as crawler loose, please tighten the tensioner;
Seven, do not speeding, overloading driving, press the product model assembled vehicles equipped;
Eight,Track do not contaminated with oil and corrosive liquids;
Nine, is prohibited beyond product temperature and environments;
Ten, please clean out the outer tread Track stones and other impurities in when not in use;
Eleven,Do not use a metal weapon damage crawler;
Twelve, Non-supporting non-flame retardant crawler traveling in the fire;
Thirteen, small speed when turning Do not more than 5 km / h;
Fourteen, non-static pivot turn;
Fifteen, check the connection plate screws and other parts of the screw is loose, the installation is close, if loose, please fasten in time;
Sixteen, when not used for long, put the product stored in a cool environment.
Export Countries: Spain, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Chile, Australia,USA,Canada,India,Dubai,Danmark, Russia etc